Disclosure Policy

We are not lawyers.

We are people, just people.  *Chuckle* Not to say that lawyers aren't people (Lisa's dad is a lawyer and he is just a person. Love you, Dad!)

Ok, let us carry on with this policy, disclosure, disclaimer thing to cover our butts, legally speaking:

This policy is valid from October 14th, 2015

We are just people.  We are curious people that love to learn and "geek out" on random things that interest us.  We will use this blog to share things that we are learning or have learned.  Many of our blog posts will be giving information about education, teaching, and the profession in general.  Please read these words or view these videos at your own risk and make choices that you have thought through.  We do not take responsibility for what you are thinking, doing, or learning. 

Please, before implementing any ideas or using any teaching resources that we provide or share with you, make sure they align with the expectations of your employers or governing entities.  We are not responsible for how you implement any teaching resources or ideas that we have made available to you and we are not responsible for anything negative that may result.  We do fully accept any positive results :-) and would love to hear stories of how ideas or resources we have shared helped you to make choices or accomplish something with the students in your classroom or with life in general.

Our blog posts, words, original photos or artwork, videos, or those of guest contributors of this blog, belong to us (or the guest contributor) and cannot be reprinted or published without our written consent.  You can contact us at createdforlearning@gmail.com to discuss permission to use our content.

We create and design teaching resources.  We hold the legal copyright for all the resources we have made.  If we find our resources being shared illegally, we will ask you to stop and make it right.   

We may or may not have advertising on our blog.  Some people think this is tacky or not as visually appealing, if you think that, please try to ignore these advertisements.  We are not responsible for the actions of advertisers or sponsors. We currently do not pick the advertisements; it is all done through a third party.

We might occasionally use affiliate links in posts.  We link to lots of things for easy reader access. We figure if they can be affiliate links that earns earns us some money, we might as well.  If there is an affiliate link used in a blog post, we will mention it in that blog post. 

We will not sell any of your personal information.

We will not put your information on spam lists. You will only be added to an email list if you have provided us with your email so that we can provide you with updates and contact you personally through email. 

Feel free to share your thoughts, affirm us, challenge us, or disagree with us in the comments section of this blog or other Created for Learning social media venues, but we reserve the right to delete any comment if we think it is spammy, profane, rude, or questionable in any way.  We like to bring people together and create an affirming community to help us all grow. We are not responsible for the words or actions of blog commenters.

And finally, please don't sue us or do anything mean to us.  That would be mean. :-)  If there is something that we are doing wrong or that you disagree with, please let us know by emailing us at createdforlearning@gmail.com, so we can hear your thoughts and try to make things right.  If we have forgotten to say something in this disclaimer that we should in order to protect ourselves from evil people that want to try to get money from us for whatever reason we can't think of, please let us know.

Keep on being awesome!
Jonathan and Lisa Stephens

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