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This blog documents the life and ponderings of a married couple that are both teachers.  Our teaching experiences span a wide range of grade levels.

We like helping students think. We're not so much interested in teaching them WHAT to think, but more importantly HOW to think. And even more...that they SHOULD think. We try to create a classroom environment that allows students the space to think, encourages open discussion, and hopefully lights a passion for learning.

We were created for learning.

Our products were created for learning.

Jonathan is the main contributor to this blog and our Teachers Pay Teachers store, Created for Learning. He currently teaches 7th and 8th grade English. He has had the privilege of teaching 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th English, Middle School Creative Writing, and Freshman Composition, Creative Writing, and Literacy at the college level.

In his free time, he writes novels for young adults. He is fairly certain he's the only young adult author whose birth country no longer exists, but he hopes someone will prove him otherwise!

He was the head editor of the RipRap Literary Journal and has written book reviews for www.TeenReads.com.

The bulk of Lisa's 6 years of teaching experience has been in first and second grade. Two of those years were first/second grade combo classes.

Currently, her main job is staying home with our young kids.  She does homeschool preschool and intentional activities to encourage our kids to learn.

She also substitute teaches, in the district that she taught at, so she can maintain her teaching skills, especially her classroom management mojo.

People often ask her when she will return to teaching in the classroom full-time and that will all depend on the needs of our kids.  We are done procreating but have a sense that we will be a foster home for more children so this might affect Lisa's return to teaching.

In her free time (what is this free time you speak of?), Lisa sleeps . . . she is the mother of three young kids and an uninterrupted nap where she naturally wakes up without being poked, verbally beckoned, or jumped on is something she fantasizes about. She also enjoys spending time with girlfriends pondering deep matters of life or giggling over immature topics while drinking ice-blended coffee drinks (she is currently giggling because the sentence before this one can be read in an immature way but she is still including it because it is true in regards to her children waking her).

For more Q & A about us, head over to this blog post.


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