Street Cred & Out of Control Classrooms (Episode 29)

        Today, we’re talking about out of control classrooms and how getting some street cred can help teachers with classroom management! Watch the YouTube video here >>>
         So we’re this far into the school year, and many years for me, this was about the time my classroom management started slipping. Kids are getting a little more wired, and I need a boost.
        First off, it’s probably time to review the classroom guidelines one more time and ask them for feedback if the consequences are fair and working. Then crack down on those for a few weeks till those are back in line.
 Today, we’re talking about out of control classrooms and how getting some street cred can help teachers with classroom management!
        But those guidelines alone are often not enough. And they’re certainly not fun. It’s time to start working on your street cred. What do we mean by “street cred”? Your credibility! Students love seeing that their teachers aren’t just old fuddy duddies that only care about the boring classroom stuff.
        You’ve gotta get out of your classroom and have some fun with them! Don’t worry, this is not a waste of time. These times are super valuable investments in your classroom management.
  • Go play basketball or soccer with them.
  • Eat with them for fun.
  • Join in the karaoke at the lunch area, and if there isn’t karaoke, get your student leaders to set it up.
  • Or get teachers to set it up and all of you do a song.
  • Jump into the spirit competitions where you catch food off your forehead or pie eating contests.
  • Take a chair outside and grade your papers. Just to look weird … And get out of your classroom into the sun.
  • Plan a teacher flash mob dance performance at nutrition break or lunchtime.
  • Take a role in the student play. Especially if there’s a singing part.
  • Change into some exercise clothes and join them on the track during P.E. class.
        Anything really. As long as it’s creative, surprising, amazing, and even making a fool of yourself. Something outside your classroom walls. They’ll see you as human. And they’ll appreciate your humor and self-mockery. And here’s the key … when they return to the confines of your classrooms walls, they’ll be more captivated by you and be much more likely to be on your team.
        Conversation of the Day: What can you do this month to earn some street cred with your students?
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          Hop on over to watch the video and share your thoughts in the conversation.

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