Personalities in the Classroom - Episode 18

        Today, we want to explore how knowing the personalities of our students can help with classroom management. Watch the YouTube video here >>>
        What if never had to tell at the super talkative students again? What if we could get the quiet kids to talk? What about the kids with every answer? Wouldn't that be amazing?
        For years, we had the privilege of helping out in a pre-marriage class at our church. Boy, don't we wish we had some of those skills before we got married or had kids! We both agree the concept that has had a huge impact is understanding each other's personality strengths and weaknesses.
 Today, we want to explore how knowing the personalities of our students can help with classroom management.        There are a number of personality quizzes out there. We're gonna discuss Roger Tirabasi's because we know it well. (DISCLOSURE: He's not paying us to say any of this.)
        Go to
        Little Changes, Big Results for Crazy Busy People is a book that has the test. Make sure to get as many as you need to obey copyright for your students.
        App for iPhones - Cool Tools For Couples
  • Responsible / Beaver / Blue / Melancholy - detail-oriented, cares highly about quality work, sees potential pitfalls
  • Outgoing / Otter / Yellow / Sanguine - life of the party, fun-loving, spontaneous
  • Charger / Lion / Red / Choleric - leader, gets stuff done, strong opinions
  • Easygoing / Golden Retriever / Green / Phlegmatic - peacemaker, relaxed, good with people
        How can we determine who our students are?
  1. I teach them to my students at the beginning of the year. Then they understand themselves better, and we get a common language.
  2. I put them on my seating charts. This helps with classroom management and saves a ton of time.
  3. I lead them into their strengths and help with their weaknesses.
  4. I learn my students and give them understanding and grace.
  5. I learn myself and tell my students. It helps my students give me grace too ... Cause, boy, don't we need it.
         Conversation of the Day: How do you think a grasp of personalities could help you with your students?
          Hop on over to watch the video and share your thoughts in the conversation.
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