Guilt, Fairness, & Girl Scout Cookies - Episode 17

        Today, we're gonna dive into a timely, controversial, and delicious topic: Guilt, Fairness, & Girl Scout Cookies. Watch the YouTube video here >>>
        This past week, we’ve heard conversations on the Internet about the arrival of Girl Scout Cookies, and someone said they buy cookies from everyone who asks because they want to be fair. So today we want to talk about that guilt and the concept of fairness surrounding these sales and school fundraisers like this.
        Now, of course there isn’t anything wrong with Girl Scout Cookies. How could there be? I confess to having eaten a whole sleeve of Thin Mints on more than one occasion.
Today, we're gonna dive into a timely, controversial, and delicious topic: Guilt, Fairness, & Girl Scout Cookies.        The question is: “Is it fair to buy cookies from one student and not another student?”
        Let’s start with the meaning of fair. The thing this question assumes is that each kid needs to sell the same amount of cookies for things to be fair. This belief values same results. I think fairness is more like same opportunity. Did each kid have the same opportunity to sell me a box of cookies? Answer: Yes. So I can in good conscience only buy from the first student and feel perfectly fair about it.
        To the other cookie sellers, I might say something like, “I would have, but I just bought some. Better get to the other folks before someone else takes your sales!” See, that first cookie seller was faster … she was on it. Entrepreneurship and hard work wins the day. I want my students to learn that. In fact, I want my students to learn that not everyone gets the same thing because not everyone works as hard, smart, and relentless as you.
        This can start when kids are young too. In fact, it should. Instead of giving everyone a trophy, we can empower kids to know that the trophy goes to the persistent, the thoughtful, the gritty, the person who doesn’t give up, the early bird. They have to work hard!
         Conversation of the Day: What do you think about buying selling Girl Scout Cookies on campus and how can we teachers handle it in a way that is fair to them and us?
          Hop on over to watch the video and share your thoughts in the conversation.
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