3 Ideas to Make Your First Day of School Memorable

They're here! Students with their shiny new backpacks ... or maybe they're grungy new or all safety-pinned and patched with buttons new or already Sharpied all over by BFFs new. Or maybe they're too cool for backpacks and are rolling with the single binder folder with nothing written on it at all.
       And you're there, Starbucks guzzled and waiting to impact their lives for all eternity (aka survive until wine time this evening).
       I've had 14 first days of school as a teacher, so here are just a few ideas to help make this first day memorable.
       Watch the YouTube video of all 13 Secrets here >>> https://youtu.be/p9XQkdt3MJ8
       Smile. A lot. Maybe you've heard those teachers who say, "Don't let them see you smiling until Christmas." Then they go on to rant about students getting all out of control if you don't come across as this all-powerful authoritarian. Well, I'm crying foul on that belief. I'm firmly convinced that classroom management isn't about locking down the fort until Christmas then hoping it doesn't go to chaos too quickly before summer. Sure, we've gotta enforce the rules, but we don't have to be boring, stodgy jerkfaces to do that. Smile and get those relationships growing. Laugh on the first day. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with them. Get them laughing and smiling. You'll love how it helps your classroom management later in the year.
       Don't go over your classroom rules. Yet. Not today. Save that for day 2. If a kid breaks one of the rules, point them to the poster on your wall (you do have your rules displayed, right?!), and kindly tell them they need to follow the rules and that you'll go over them more tomorrow.
       Get them thinking and discussing. Set the precedent that in your classroom, they're going to think. And they're going to like it. So help them like it. Choose a topic they'll love. Be an engaging discussion moderator. Give them time to say hi to the kids around them before they talk in groups about the topic. Find a way to share their ideas without having to stand in front of the class (yet). And through it all, respect their answers. Thank them for participating. Laugh with any of their silliness. Set up a personable but academic mood. They'll love it. And so will you.
       Hop on over to watch the video and share your thoughts in the conversation.
       Got any other ideas to make the first day of school memorable? Share them in the comments section. :)

NOTE: The Wall-E school photo image in the header is used with permission by Meddy Garnet.



  1. I agree! No need to be boring, stodgy jerkfaces! Tomorrow will be my 18th first day, but I still value wonderful advice from other teachers. Thank you!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I just popped over to your blog and read about your first few days of school, so fun! Your custodian seems above and beyond fabulous. - Lisa


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