Sneak Peek to Our New Family Picture

     When I shared our story behind our logo picture, people said they wanted to see the updated pictures when we got them.  Well, this Saturday we got our family pictures done again by the fabulous Karey Michelle Photography.  The location of our shoot was the Northwest Open Space in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

     Karey posted a sneak peek of one of our family pictures.  I placed it on top of our old picture to compare it.  This is the only picture she shared on her Facebook page and I'm sure it is because we were curious if we got anything close to our original logo pic.  Trying to get all three girls to look at the camera at the same time is not an easy task!  She did great (and she respectfully got Miss Responsible's doll out of the picture also).
     I love how the picture captured all of our girls' personalities.  I'll post more pictures when we get them and tell some of the stories behind this photo shoot.  

     The flowers were not in full bloom . . . but Jonathan said he could Photoshop them in if it mattered that much to us. ;-) A benefit to a hubby with excellent Photoshop skills! 

What do you think, should we Photoshop in more yellow flowers?


  1. Love the new pic and congrats on presenting at the conference! We need to make plans to do lunch while we are at the conference.. Lauralee and I talked about maybe Friday, so we need to see who else might be interested!

    1. Thank you! We'd love to meet up! Friday lunch might be a bit crazy for us since we will be presenting right after that, so we will probably be eating in our seminar room :-) Keep us updated! - Lisa


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