How Children Succeed
       I'm reading a fascinating book right now on education called HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED. Through the results of a whole slew of research studies in classrooms and labs, they've honed in the qualities of successful people (and kids).
       Shocker... doesn't have to do with test scores.
       It has to do with these 7 character attributes:
                     1. Grit
                     2. Self-control
                     3. Zest
                     4. Social Intelligence
                     5. Gratitude
                     6. Optimism
                     7. Curiosity

      The question I'm thinking about as I listen to the rest of the book is ... how can we design classroom assignments and experiences to encourage, nurture, and ACTUALLY TEACH these qualities?
       I'll touch back with you when I finish reading. Any thoughts so far? What's your experience with these learned traits?

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