These Are A Few of My Favorite Things Linky

Just a quick linky party with The Teaching Trio to share three of my favorite things.

Sign Language
     We try to teach American Sign Language to our babies.  There are some signs that are adjusted like, for dog, we just pat our leg instead of pat and snap. 
     It is so fun when they start sharing their thoughts through signs before they are able to verbally communicate.  This has in no way hindered our girls' verbal skills.
     We learned the signs from My Baby Can Talk and we love Baby Signing Time.

Preschool Prep Company
     Okay, so the first time we watched one of these with our youngest we thought it was like the brainwashing video in the movie Zoolander and almost returned it. I’m so glad we didn’t. My kids get hypnotized into letters, phonics, and sight words knowledge.  We own every Preschool Prep Company DVD. 

Seeds Family Worship
I did a thorough search to find Bible verses put to music so that, through the music, our family would be remembering Bible verses.  These CDs were the best sounding that I could find.  The Word of God CD is my favorite sounding but this song is one that goes through my head often:

Disclaimer: The products/companies listed above are not connected with me in any way other than I am a consumer of their products and these are my thoughts and opinions of their products.  I was not paid to share my thoughts. :-)


  1. I love singing verses set to music too! My son and I enjoy singing along in the car especially!
    Fun and Learning at BBA

    1. Crystal, do you have a favorite CD or just songs you've learned?

  2. Sign language is great to use in a classroom, too.

    Krazy Town

  3. We use Seeds in Sunday School and absolutely love it! It is such a great way to learn scripture. I love hearing my 6 year old walking around, singing verses. :)
    Island Teacher

    1. Emilie, I enjoy hearing my girls walking around, singing verses. My most favorite was when I was listening to the Bible on audio in the car and my oldest recognized a verse as one of the songs :-). - Lisa

  4. Teaching sign language is a great way for little babies to communicate. My brother-in-law has Down Syndrome and he uses ASL to communicate. :)

    Funky in Fourth


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