Goldfish Minds

       On some days, it can be so hard to inspire our students. Or even get their attention. The latest research attention spans of humans might give a glimpse into why.
       For the first time in the history of keeping track of such things, humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish.
       So you had better believe it that I showed my student this nonfiction document and discussed what it means for them and their studies.
       And since we have talked about it, I have used it to refocus them every once in awhile. "Class, or should I say goldfish," I will start saying and regain their attention. And by lumping myself in with them, I've made sure to communicate that this isn't condescending ... just eye-opening and a reminder to be all that we can be...and a group recognition of what technology and the flow of society is making us. We must resist! We must swim against the flow!
       So what do you think about this research? These Ideas? Is this true for your students? What age are you teaching?

       Your thoughts?

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