How We Figured Out How to Remove Pinterest Hover Images from Certain Images

This has been a problem for us for a while. We love those Pinterest hover images, but they doggone appear over every single image on your page. Oooodallolly what a problem getting them to not appear on certain ones.

Well, Rebecca in the Teachers Pay Teachers sellers forums tipped us off to some blogs that got us on the right scavenger hunt that finally helped us find the right website that helped us fix our problem.

Here's how we solved it:

(1) We went into the Blogger template HTML code and looked for the Javascript name of the Pinterest hover image. This was >>> bs_pinOnHover

 (2) We Googled "bs_pinOnHover remove" and found some links.

 (3) This link held the golden ticket >>>

(4) By typing "class="nopin" between the "img" and "src" codes, it stopped that particular image from showing a Pinterest hover image.

(5) Awesomesauce!!! #happydance #CreatedForLearningNewCode Thank you everybody for your inspiration and guidance! Hope this helps someone else solve their issue!

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