Woohoo! Blog and Store Design Overhaul

       We are so excited to debut our new look. We've been working hard conceptually with our friends at Red Door LA to get a functional design that we all love. Me and Tim go way back to the high school days, so it's been a ton of fun working together with him on this journey.
       So here's what our Teachers Pay Teachers store looks like now:
       We love the new look and feel for everything and are super excited to get moving on to new things . . . like revising all of our novel teaching unit maps. So when you see our fun fingerprint (created) light bulb (learning) around town, that's us . . . Created for Learning.



  1. They have their creative minds working on their store design.

    1. The guys over at Red Door are super creative. I've known them a long time, and they're great at helping small businesses walk through the branding process and tailoring everything to exactly what you need for your stuff. Highly recommend them!


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