Happy Valentine's Day, Jonathan!

Excuse me while I brag (and show off some of our recent family pictures taken by Karey Michelle Photography) . . .

I'm going to totally brag about why I, Lisa, did so well when I picked my husband.
Mr. Jonathan Stephens
You know him as the main man of Created for Learning. Some of you may not realize that all of the fabulous novel units and secondary teaching resources are created and designed by him based off what he uses in his middle school classroom. He is humble enough to let me accept the credit in this female-dominant teaching world when we get positive feedback with the pronoun "she".  :-)  

There are lots of reasons why I love him, but I'll just name a few:
He is the main man (after God, of course) in my life. :-)
He is a selfless husband,
  a thoughtful parent,
a faithful friend,
a strategic provider for our family,
a deep thinker, and seeker of Truth.
 We have different personalities.
Our main personality types are opposite. He is Mr. Charger and I am Ms. Easy-going. (Example: He has created over 725 resources sold in our store and I've made 10.)
That means things aren't always easy but we also fill in the gaps with strengths for weaknesses in each other.
 Jonathan, thank you.  Thank you for the man you are and the man you strive to be.  It is a privilege to be on this journey that God has us on.  I'm excited for all the adventures to come this year.  Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I can be and live the fullness of all this life has to offer. 

Anyone reading this can feel free to comment about things you love about Jonathan or his teaching resources. :)


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