Coming Out on TpT

       Are you a closet TpTer? Do people at your school know that you create and sell teaching resources on the best teaching site the Internet has to offer? Are they happy for you? Does it cause problems?
       I saw a teacher's recent post in the TeachersPayTeachers forums that was sharing her experience of teachers (and principals) at her school finding out that she bought and sold on She was asking:

       Q: How do you keep normal relationships with people on your campus when they learn you have a 2nd job selling teaching resources?

       Our thoughts:
       The best way I've found is to give give give. I give all my stuff away at my school. I create all kinds of stuff for what we're studying/teaching and hand it out like candy.
       Some of them still end up buying some even though I tell them not to, that I'll give it to them.
       But I'm of a mind to think that this is the best way always. Give give give. It might seem weird and counter-intuitive because it's your hard worked stuff, but it's the best heart to have. And when it really is your heart, people think you're genuine and one of them...because you are.
       Our two cents.

       Your thoughts?

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  1. I am very much a closeted TPTer but there is one teacher who knows (outside of my very close friends) and who is sworn to secrecy. He found out when he saw a set of posters in my room and also saw them on TPT and made an intuitive leap when he recognized even more stuff! Unfortunately, where I teach I fear very much what would happen if I was "outed".

    1. What could happen? Does your district have you sign some kind of creative rights contract? Thanks for sharing.


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