Why Dads Suck: One Dad's Experience with All the Kids

       Lisa has been enjoying a weekend retreat with the women from church, so I have been enjoying 3-on-1 Dad time with our girls. As a dad, I thought I'd share my experience, which is similar to what happens every time I have all 3 girls.
       When people see me with 3 girls, their face lights up with shock followed with a mixture of fear and pity. "Ooooh, Daddy's got all 3? Are you ok? How're you surviving? Etc."
       I know 3 kids is hard, but all the votes of disconfidence in dad's abilities wears a guy down. Is this what the decades of TV dad mockery has brought us to? ... Homer Simpson, King of Queens, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, Raymond Romano, Phil Dunphy ... I know I'm risking sounding all Daddy Downer, but I feel our society has led us astray here. How competent do we believe dads truly are?! What if we, instead, spoke words of life-giving identity and empowering confidence?!
       So I extend a huge thank you to the few, awesome people who said something like one woman today with an affirming look, "Daddy's got all 3 today? Well done, Dad. Good job."
       And to the moms everywhere who are continually told they're failing yet do this every day while their husbands work, "Well done!" I say. "Good job!"
       And thank you for being awesome, my darling, Lisa Stephens!!!!!

       Your thoughts?

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