You can't read that! Banned Books Week Free Reading List

 Banned Books Week - Free Reading List

The contrarian in me loves this week in literature. Banned Books Week is the time of each year we celebrate the freedom to read. Society, it seems, is always trying to take away our rights to do something, including the choice to read whatever books we want. Banned Books Week celebrates the ideas in all of those books and how much we need difficult ideas to help us grow as humankind.

So I compiled this reading list for my classroom. I required my students to read one banned book during 2nd quarter and pass the Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz on it. The weird part of making this list was realizing I had to consciously leave certain books off, which in its own way felt like censorship. But alas...

So enjoy this list and your freedom to read! Download the list for free over here at our store at

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