What Are You Learning? Linky Party

In life, we are always learning. 
We think that, as our name says, we were created for learning.

Some people intentionally learn new things and, at other times, we accidentally learn things.  

Lately I've been learning about what linky parties are and how to host one.  You can see a lot of what I learned here.  

Now is our chance for independent practice.  Here is my first attempt at hosting a linky party.  I want to give people that are learning how to participate in a linky party a chance to practice.  

There are two link-ups: 
  • The first link-up is for anyone with a blog . . . just write a blog post about something you are learning about and add the "What Are You Learning?" image with a link back to this blog post before linking it up below.  
  • The second link-up is for anyone that wants to show what they are learning by linking any of the other social media I mentioned in my How-To Join a Linky Party post.  So an Instagram picture, a Pinterest pin, or a Tumblr post.  

Try to have it clearly say or show what you are learning.  This way people can see the topics you are learning about and, if they are intrigued, they can click on your link to find out more and connect with you. It will be fun to find people with similar interests or with ideas we have never even heard of before. 

I look forward to seeing what you're learning! 

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