Due Date Trickery: The Win Win Win of Independent Practice Homework


Today, I was reminded of a little trick I pull on my students. NOTE: The key to this trick is to not tell your students you're pulling it on them.

THE SITUATION: Today, I assigned some Grammar Ninja Parts of Speech independent practice classwork and homework. They had 20 minutes in class to work, so I assigned them 8 pages to do.

"If you do a page, every five minutes, you'll get four pages done in class today," I said.

Then they scurried off to work.

That's when I tricked them. They knew they had to work hard in class or they'd end up with a bunch of homework. But then with two minutes left, I got up and said, "All right, I looked at things one more time and let's do this. Turn to the last page and make a note that it is NOT due tomorrow. Then turn to the adverbs page and make the same note."

It's a win-win-win!

(1) They worked hard for 20 minutes.
(2) They are stoked to have less homework.
(3) They think I'm the king of the world.
(4) And they're none the wiser.

Unless they read this blog.

Hit us with your thoughts, additions, or suggestions.

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