Classroom Quote Book Idea & The Best Cookies Ever Raffle
I'm linking up with I'm Lovin' Lit this week to share a way that I, Lisa, make learning more interactive when teaching quotation marks.  

I had some really witty second graders in my very first class.  Some of the things they said were hilarious.  

At the time, teaching quotation marks was a second grade standard in California.
With Common Core, it is now a 3rd and 4th grade standard. 
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.2.c  Use commas and quotation marks in dialogue.
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.4.2.b  Use commas and quotation marks to mark direct speech and quotations from a text.
I love addressing as many standards naturally into the classroom whenever possible, I consider it part of my "As We Walk Along the Way" philosophy of teaching.  Then when I directly teach about the concept, some students connect it as prior knowledge.
I got an idea that would help me document the funny things students in the class say and have them practice writing quotation marks. 

I created a Class Quote Book. 
Whenever someone in the class heard another say something witty, they could write down the quotation - thus practicing using quotation marks. 
 After they submitted their quotation to me, we would review it and then we would revise it. When they had a draft with the quotation marks correct, we would find time for them to type it on the computer. 
Then the student got to chose someone to illustrate it, or they could illustrate it themselves.
The book grew as the year went on.  It was mostly student-driven, although I would encourage it along the way when students said really funny things I would comment, "That should go in the quote book," and students would run to get a piece of scrap paper to write down what the other student said.
There were some kids that really wanted to contribute to the book and would listen for statements that were quote book worthy. To treat everyone with respect, I would always ask the students being quoted if they wanted their words included in the book.
At the end of the year, I had a book of funny memories to help me remember that class and it was a great, easy display for Open House.  

Teacher Raffle Contest - Free Cookies - Created for Learning & Schott's Cookies

And now, dear Reader, you can get interactive with this mouth-watering raffle we have for this month.

I have a friend named Zariq, that I love spending time with.  She tells memorable stories and helps me laugh when I need to most.  She is also the type of person that I can be real with and she shows me grace with my flaws.  

I met Zariq in college and she is also a teacher.  

Zariq's husband, Mike, makes the best chocolate chip cookies.  I'm not just saying this because I know them, these cookies are just really good.  You may have noticed on the side of our blog we mentioned loving cookies right after our love for Jesus. :-) Jonathan and I have actually done taste tests comparing all of our favorite chocolate chip cookies and Schott's Cookies won.

Mike has experimented with every ingredient to find the best. (I heard a funny story about the day he taste-tested multiple different vanillas to find the best vanilla for his recipe.) 

After perfecting his secret recipe, they decided to start selling them. 

Schott's Cookies was created.
A fun thing about their cookie company is they will deliver hot, fresh cookies to your door if you live within a certain radius of their hub of operation.
If you live in the 48 continental United States, this is our lucky day!!!  
You can enter to win a dozen Schott's Cookies delivered to you.
People, this cookie is delicious! You will want to try these.
The best cookies on earth delivered to my door . . . yes, please!
These are a perfect back-to-school treat.

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  1. Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorite! I like my recipe which is the original Toll House version with 3 cups of Rice Krispies added for a crisp cookie but I will eat any kind of chocolate chip cookie!

    1. Rice Krispies added to the cookie, eh? That sounds interesting; I'll need to try that sometime. :-)

  2. The most heavenly cookies I've had were made by my friend Keri's mom in the third grade. They were coconut chocolate chip delights and I have never been able to replicate their goodness. I'm cuckoo for coconut, and with the addition of semi sweet chocolate, simply amazing!

    1. I love that I'm not the only one that has food memory favorites. I don't know if adding coconut is an option with Schott's cookies. I know they can add nuts. . . . I wonder what that would taste like.

  3. OMG, COOKIES!!! My favorite cookies I actually make myself - chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil instead of butter! Delicious!! :)

  4. My favorite cookie are double doozies from the Great American Cookie Company. Not sure what I love move- the cookie or the frosting!

  5. A little girl, many years ago said, "My mommy fell down the stairs and now she has to walk on CRUNCHES!" Ha ha crunches instead of crutches!

  6. Yum! What an awesome giveaway. Thank you. Favorite cookies are HUGE chocolate chip cookies my dad used to make for me on my birthdays - he was a professional baker!

    Funny kid saying- while on a trip to Disney one of them said on a ride, "This is educational and fun!"

  7. I am now officially craving cookies! I've never had these, but they look DELICIOUS!!

  8. Seriously LOVE the quote books!! :) And OMG on the COOKIES!

  9. OK.. questions from the raffle...
    Peanut butter is my all time fav. Homemade with brown sugar and fork impressions and all!
    Quote a kid said.. all I can think of is the time my twin sister called me freaking out because she was on her way to a meeting with the principal and her pre-k son who had just called another boy a m***** f***** at lunch.

    Thanks for the opportunity! :) erin

  10. I love Mrs. Fields, BUT I have never tried Schott's. One of my favorite things a kid has said is one who called me "Becky" which is also one of my nicknames. I was flabbergasted until I realized his dad's girlfriend, whom he lived with, was named Becky - hence the slip up!


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