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Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog.
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We celebrated our youngest daughter's first birthday this week.  
She has started to take her first steps and is working on keeping her balance in the process.
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Jonathan started his first day of school with students.  He is teaching mostly 7th grade Honors English with one 8th grade English in the mix and one creative writing class.  With the adoption of Common Core this year, he is reworking his year plan to adjust for some standards switching around to different grade levels.

He will be starting The Giver with his 7th graders.
 The Giver Novel Unit
He will be starting The Outsiders with his 8th graders.
 The Outsiders Novel Unit
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Our oldest daughter, 6-year-old Miss Responsible, has an amazing brain.  We learned early on in her life that, as parents, we should not underestimate our children.  She has zingered me twice this week.  

First situation: A preschool-aged neighbor was asking how old our youngest would be turning next year.  I replied, "Nine-years-old," just to see how he would react. Miss Responsible glanced my way and sent a twinkle-eyed smile to acknowledge she was getting my joke with our neighbor. The neighbor responded in amazement which helped me assess that he didn't catch the joke.  I told him I was just joking and started to count and ask him what number came after one.  He was taking a few seconds to think and Miss Responsible chimed in with, "Every number comes after one, Mom." Touché, child, touché. (Not the negatives.)

Second situation: We have drinking cups with animals on them. We make connections with our kids to help them remember which cup is theirs, connections like: "You have water and frogs live in water," or, "Cows make milk. You have milk, so the cow cup is yours." 

Our middle daughter, Miss Outgoing, loves milk. She was saying that she needed the cow cup because cows drink milk. I thought aloud, "I don't think cows drink milk. I think they drink water." Miss Responsible quickly responded, "Baby cows do." I was able to affirm her smart thinking and have an oh, duh, moment myself. :-)   
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Miss Outgoing, our 3-year-old, was at swimming lessons.  She called me over and handed me her band-aid. She happily announced, "Here is my band-aid, Mom.  I didn't eat it!"  Considering I've had to repeatedly ask her not to chew band-aids and stickers as though they were gum, I was quite proud of her self-control.   
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I've been revising and updating my Multiple-Meaning Word Book.  I'm learning how to make it editable.  I'm so excited but I keep thinking of different options for the style and so it is taking me longer than I hoped but I imagine people will really like all the options to choose from.
Multiple-Meaning Word Book 

This is my first time doing a Five for Friday.  It was an impromptu choice.  In the future we could plan for it and have Jonathan share more things from his classroom.  Thanks for reading!

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